Features to Look for When Buying a Nappy Bag

A nappy bag is a must for every parent on the go. Choosing wisely among the vast range of options in the market is essential for a fun and convenient experience. Buying your first nappy bag? Here are some important features to look for:

Easy to clean. Your baby’s things can be very messy so ensure that the bag has wipe-clean interiors. This prevents leaks, breakages, and spills from ruining your bag and facilitates easier cleaning.

Lots of pockets and compartments. These allow you to separate things for easier spotting. You can store your baby’s toys, snacks, nappies and clothes in some while you can use the others to keep your wallets, mobile phones, and accessories. Opt for designs with elasticised pockets and detachable pouches for greater flexibility.

Alternate strap options. Some nappy bags come with both a lightly padded, quick-fit shoulder strap and pram straps. This set-up allows you to carry it comfortably handbag style or adjust it to your height using the pram strap.

Zipped closure. The risk of spilling your baby’s stuff is higher when using Velcro or partially-zipped bags. A full-length zipped closure offers better security.

Easy access openings. Your external front flap pockets are where you’ll store your essentials. Magnetic closure provides easier access.

Style. It’s possible for fashion and functionality to blend seamlessly in a nappy bag. There are stylish nappy bags out there which effectively address both your and your kid’s needs.


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