Smart Tips for Long-Lasting Baby Bags

So you’ve managed to score a quality baby bag that complements your fashion sense without compromising your baby’s essentials. Now, there’s no reason why you can’t have both chic and durability at the same time so that you can enjoy your bag for far longer than usual. A great leather bag, after all, is an investment. Here are some smart tips from the experts on how to take care of your leather bags:

Avoid overfilling your baby bag.

Your nappy bag is for your baby’s essentials, and nothing more. Don’t overfill it with your stuff like a laptop or netbook, your exercise wear, or an extra pair of shoes. If you must go out with these things, carry them in another bag, like a tote bag. Overstuffing puts pressure on your leather bag, and as with anything that is stretched to its limit, the strain will soon enough take its toll on the object.

Don’t put it on the floor.

If you are out with your little one at the mall and you have to go to the food court for some snacks, don’t put your bag on the floor. The floor is a magnet for all kinds of dirt, compromising your bag’s quality. Instead, pull up another chair and put it there. You can also buy a handbag hook which can temporarily secure a bag to a table or an armrest.

Clean your bag properly.

Baby bags are bound to get dirty—you can accidentally spill milk on it, or let all manner of stains linger for days on the material. Remember, with leather, you have to clean it with care. Use a soft cloth dipped in mild liquid soap, and then buff it dry with a soft, dry rag.


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