Style Tips for Mums-on-the-Go

Motherhood is an exhilarating experience, but some mums tend to be so preoccupied with being a mum that they forget to primp themselves up when going out. As such, they end up looking rather matronly. One can be a loving and devoted mum without letting go of her sense of style. For those who need a refresher, read the following tips on how to be a fashionable mum-on-the-go:

Get a stylish nappy bag

Think today’s baby bags come only in drab nylon or Lycra material? Think again. Some modern nappy bags come in high-quality leather and sophisticated designs that resemble handbags. Get yourself one of these and you’ll look like you’re just heading to the office or the mall. No one will have a clue that you are carrying baby essentials unless they take a peek inside.

Flat shoes don’t have to mean dull

It’s only natural that motherhood also means giving up your pumps, wedges, and stilettos for most of the time. This doesn’t have to mean dreary flats. Get a pair of comfy but vogue ballet flats instead. This way, you can fulfil your mummy duties with pizzazz.

Don’t forget the make-up

You don’t have to put on a full make-up to look sophisticated. A dab of lip gloss and a tinted moisturiser can do the trick.


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