How to Care for Your Leather Nappy Bag

Not everyone is keen on getting a leather nappy bag possibly because of the maintenance demands that come with it. However, one should know that leather care is not that hard—as long as you know the basic rules to remember. Here are some of them:

  • Know when to use one-step-products and when to carry out a more thorough clean. Customers tend to prefer things that can be done instantly, which is quite understandable especially for those who have a busy lifestyle. One-step-products may be great for small spots or stains, but if you want your leather bag to keep its lovely finish, there are times when it will require full cleaning with the use of approved and recommended leather products.

  • As much as possible, steer clear of soap. Specially formulated leather cleaners or creams are your go-to products when it comes to caring for your leather nappy bag. Do avoid soap, solvents, or other generic stain removers as they might wash off the tanning agents used for the leather, thereby resulting in cracking and hardening.

  • Learn how to handle common stains. Your leather nappy bag can fall victim to a variety of stains, from food spots to ink smudges. Do some research on how to go about treating such stains, and don’t attempt to clean them up without a good idea of what you are doing. You wouldn’t want to make things worse and risk making the stain(s) permanent.


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